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The Habit - Lincoln Has Won

On "Lincoln Has Won", indie rock/cowpunk quintet The Habit, take you on a tour of a scarred country, an America still at war with its changing self. Songwriters and guitarists Will Croxton and Brian Mendes patch tales of life, death, redemption and failure amidst dueling structures, ideals and returns— aided by one of the great breakthrough vocalists of 2011, Siobhan Glennon.

The wail of opener “War is Done” echoes The Pogues finest anthems, while “Blood on the Saddle” draws from the same well as vintage Crazy Horse, but that’s only part of the plan. “Lincoln Has Won” finds the band incorporating gospel, garage, southern rock, four-part harmonies, & folk into a tight ship helmed by the crack rhythm section of drummer James Pelletier and bassist Eli Thomas. The band is noisily delivered once again by engineer and legendary guitarist Ivan Julian (Richard Hell and the Voidoids). They’re equally as comfortable with the quiet as proven by Glennon’s contemplative voice/piano take on “Wild Wild West”. “Pennies for Eyes” adds Croxton’s street corner bard, and Mendes “Shout Together” closes the album with a crackling devolution of the dawn spiritual.

The Habit’s heroes range from the Carter Family and Willie & Waylon to The Sonics and Strummer & Langford. All great storytellers. No coincidence.

The LP is available in CD or digital format (iTunes, CDBaby and most major download sites).

Track listing:

1. War Is Done
Hear it
2. Ballad of

3. Not Brooklyn
Hear it
4. Won't Go Home Til Morning

5. Don't Grow Old Young Man

6. Blood on the Saddle

7. Cowboys and Canyons

8. Pennies for Eyes

9. My Tears Are Yonder

10. Wild Wild West

11. No Reason

12. Shout Together


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