The Royal Wylds Babylon EP
Available on all major download sites.
First printing limited edition of 400 numbered gatefold silkscreened
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The world's first internet-only record not just internet, dig?!

The Royal Wylds- Babylon EP

'Babylon' is the first in a series of EPs New York City's Royal Wylds will release in 2007/2008. Babylon features six tunes of The Wylds' amazing garage/blues. Highlights include Bush admin inspired surreal raves of paranoia; a lamentation of the man in black's final days after his wife's death; a saloon torch w/ a baaaaaadass solo from band DH/guitar legend Ivan Julian; and a funk crunch tribute to the king of the bare knuckle fights and youtube celeb Kimbo featuring vocals by girl group upstarts The Shalitas. You gotta get this!

The EP is available now on iTunes and all major download sites.

CDs are available 10/16/07 in a numbered limited edition run of 400 with a silkscreened gatefold sleeve (featuring new artwork by Stephen Lewis).Genre mashing pop music rooted in finger-style blues, 60's garage rock, and Brit-pop against groove beats- The Royal Wylds have drawn comparisons to Tom Waits, Beck, TV on the Radio, and The Clash. The six songs that make up the Babylon EP grab social commentary and elements of all the above and create something new, fresh and immediate. Listen!

"The Royal Wylds, a local band that has a great handle on smart rock music that's informed by a raft of '60s artists"
- Time Out NY

Track listing:
1. Spraypaint Jackhammer Claw
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2. Swing Yr Lantern
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3. Johnny Cash Died of a Broken Heart
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4. From Seat 9
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5. Songs You Hear in Bars
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6. Kimbo (featuring The Shalitas)

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