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{cq} - The 1%

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Release Date: September 5, 2005
Song description: "The 1%"- is about carving out a way of life separate from the larger, quite bizarre world in which we spend most of our time. It does not attempt to provide an alternative to Western-style democratic capitalism, but merely a simple reminder that life is fundamentally played out within the more intimate communities that we ourselves create.
File under: Signal of Unending Joy: please drop out, tune in and join the 1% yourself.

All songs written and performed by {cq}
Published by Seek You Music (BMI)
Inquiries should be directed to the artist care of:
Reel to Reel Records, 337 Maujer St. #1, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Or to

All instruments & vocals by {cq}
Drums by Brian Patterson
Recorded at Q25 Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & mastered at Signals Studio, Brooklyn, NY

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